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Welcome to Yeux Langoureux -- Makeup for Grownups! This community is open to anyone over the age of 18 who loves to play with makeup. Feel free to post tips, ideas, tutorials, questions, and pictures of your latest facial creations!

I want this to be more than your typical makeup community. Being the nerd at heart that I am, I will be posting (and encourage other people to post) articles, thoughts, and discussion topics regarding makeup, beauty, skincare, or anything that may be relevant to this community. We can be more than just makeup whores -- we can be intellectual makeup whores!

We will also have the occasional challenge, which I highly encourage everyone to participate in. Don't fret about your skills -- this isn't a rating community. All efforts are praised, and I hope that helpful tips will be doled out with kind and cheering words. The theme of this community is that we can learn from each other.

This is a transpositive community. All colors of the gender rainbow are welcomed and honored here.

The Dreaded Rules:

♥ You must be over the age of 18 to join this community. Your birthdate (at least your birth year) must be displayed publicly in your userinfo so the moderator can verify your age. If you display only your birthyear, I will assume that your birthday is December 31 of that year.

♥ It is EMPHATICALLY encouraged that you make an introductory post. See below for the basic outline. If you include pictures of yourself in your intro post, at least one must be of you without makeup. We want to see your beauty as well as your beautiful makeup.

♥ You went to school. Please use the Queen's English.

♥ You may post one picture (400x400 pixels or less) in a post without an lj-cut. Please put anything bigger (or multiple pictures) behind a cut. NSFW pics are allowed (if its appropriate to the community) but it must go behind a cut with a warning.

♥ Picspam (multiple picture) posts are allowed if they are tutorials, progression posts (showing the stages of makeup application), show different makeup applications, or the like. Don't post 37 pictures of you in 37 different pseudomodel emo poses; its immature and boring.

♥ Constructive criticism is fine; "yur ugly n yur makeup is stoopid" will get you chucked. We're all adults here. Literally.

♥ Sales posts go behind an lj-cut.

♥ If you want to promote your community or website, submit a request to the moderator. As long as its appropriate to the community, I will approve it. Unapproved promos will be deleted.

♥ I have no patience for drama. My policy is to ban first and ignore all else. Bottom line: Think of my bad side as the point of no return.

Your moderator: basbleugrrl

How to contact her: janedoeisalreadydead (at) yahoo (dot) com

Introductory Post Outline

A bit about me:

My makeup background:

My skincare routine:

Favourite skincare/makeup products:

Pictures (at least one of them must be of you without makeup.)


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