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I've been meaning to do this.... [new member]

An intro post, with pictures to follow (but of course, daaahling)....

A bit about me:
I live in Okinawa, Japan. I'm a wife, and a mum. I'm from California, land of sunshine and traffic :) (and boy do I ever miss it). I'm 22 years old, etc. My daughter makes me feel older than I am sometimes, though :P. She is two and likes to help me put on makeup - so she has her own set of brushes/sponge applicators that I don't use . She is pretty good with that blush brush, though. Hmmmm. Future girly-girl? Hehe. Um, what else... I'm starting college for the first time ever, in a few weeks, so I'm a bit nervous about that. That's really all. If you want to know more, feel free to ask, I'm pretty much an open book.

My makeup background:
I don't have much of a background. Since I was a kid, I loved makeup. I wasn't allowed to wear it until high school. Back then I didn't know about crazy colours - I only thought the crazy lady that worked at the convenience store wore bright blue and bright pink, not regular people. I began to see more and more interesting colour combinations, particularly BRIGHT ones, and I'd ask these ladies where they bought their makeup. MAC! Ahh, a company I had heard of, never seen. After high school, I went straight into working in an office so I wore little makeup. After that, I worked in a bakery - no need for makeup, there's plenty of powder for everyone's face in a bakery (it's a joke... lol). I eventually quit that which gave me more time to actually wear makeup (and being that I was pregnant at the time, I wanted to feel more pretty). I did start wearing more makeup. A few weeks after I gave birth to my daughter, we were visitng my in-laws, and we were walking around the mall. I went in Macy's finally, just to see what all the damn fuss was about MAC.

I have been a crack MAC addict ever since. I only buy their eyeshadows and eyeliner, but that's about it. We don't have a MAC store readily available here - so I order most items off ebay or I'll ask my fellow mac-addicts to get some stuff for me and mail it to me! hehe.

My skincare routine:
In the morning, I wash with Cetaphil face bar soap. I use under-eye serum (testing different ones out right now - I know I'm young but the damn lines just started popping up suddenly), and Mary Kay Timewise moisturizer. I really like that combination. In the evening I do basically the same, except I use Olay Witch Hazel Toner. Love it <3

Favourite skincare/makeup products:
For skincare, I love Oil of Olay or Cetaphil. Oil of Olay because their toners aren't harsh, and hey, they've kept my mom fairly wrinkle free for her age, so they must be doing something right. Favorites for makeup - I love Revlon's creme compact "New Complexion". It doesn't make me break out like the 104189421 other products I've tried :) and has wonderful coverage!

Onto what you want to see, the

Pretty much the only picture I have recently without makeup on... this is after quite a long, windy day.

omg blah.

a few MAC pigments were used here (grape, voilet, kitschmas)

had red & pink hair this past summer - worn with Rebel Red, MAC "In Living Pink" shadow, etc.

a smokey black-gray-green, done earlier in the summer. it was quite humid :[

this picture is about a year old, almost. no more eyebrow piercing for meee (it just didn't agree with my skin). I miss my hair being that colour.

yay! I am quite glad to be here, among adults, who probably suffer the same bewildering adult things that happen. Like lines around your eyes just appearing one day... or in my oh-so-sad husband's case, he had one gray hair and asked me to pluck it. Now about ten more gray hairs came to its funeral (and he's only 23). heh.
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