6 yr.old wisdom prodigy (hotarunokokoro) wrote in yeux_langoureux,
6 yr.old wisdom prodigy

see what happens on a good day?

O.k.. i had a really good day, so i'm feeling pretty brave!
i stillhave a cautious nature, so here is my picture behind a cut.

no makeup!

be nice, k? i know i am old! this was taken dec. 21st, at my brothers birthday.
i am a martial artist and am so used to being hot and sweaty, makeup has not been a priority. now i have to et a real job, and i have to wear real clothes instead of a karate gi! :\
i no longer live at the dojo and am back in school, going to graduate in the next year!
what's a girl to do?
and helpful economical hints are welcomed!

hearts and arms everyone!
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Teach us to kick butt! :D
oh thats simple. You have two options:
Don't go anywhere that you might find trouble. If you can't stick to that rule, then remember the four primary target areas:
eyes, nose, throat, and groin(some have argued knees also).
What ever hurts you, hurts them also unless they are on crack. Then its the eye gouge, nose smash, throat rip, groing technique that will get you locked up in chains.
Know your laws though. There is a fine line between self defense and overkill. i say if you fear for your life, or bodily harm, do what it takes to get out of there then seek assistance.
Be a martial artist! then you wont have free time to get into trouble! Plus you can get nifty coloured gi's and lots of coloured belts(depending on style). Can you imagine having your makeup done for each of the ten coloured belts in our system??!?
i can just see me...' today ill be white, no, blue, or wait purple. no that t-shirt is dirty. yellow! all sunshiny! but wait, its raining, green?' etc.,etc.,...beware of black days!
That would be amazing!
i'll stop talking now. i have to sleep. really. i do.
sorry mod. i got off the subject , but i did manage to steer it back at the end! ^_^
That was funny ...made my morning! I am going to print this and put it on my office wall. LOL

awwww *facehands*. wow!
i feel honored to be on your wall!
I desperately needed a laugh today too! :) :D
that was just to cute!