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jumping in with both feet!

i grew up using no or very little makeup.
i was a tomboy, and my mom said i didn't need makeup.

so here i am after experimenting with many different lines of cosmetics/skin care systems over the years. i think i have found something worth keeping.
when i was first married i tried clinique, mary kay, avon, ummm the one that used queen bee extract?, and lots and lots of sunblock.
because i have been so active, i really hate wearing makeup because it runs when i work out.
i haven't used any makeup for years.
now i find myself back at school, divorced, looking for a decent paying job(ha) where i have to 'dress up'.

so i ordered some stuff to play with at home.
I got home from sitting for a friend to find my toys had arrived in the mail!

The Bare Escentuals makeup I had ordered has arrived! I am going to play with it, before I post any pictures though. I am pretty peculiar about what I use on my skin. I have tried a lot of different treatments, and have found you get what you pay for. If you put top quality products on your face, you will have great skin! So I looked around and did some research. Bare Escentuals is the makeup I have decided to try. I bought the 'strut your tailfeathers colours', and the starter kit at an amazing discount online! ^o^ The best part is I didn’t have to drive to a mall or store anywhere. It came right to my door. ^_^

for skin care, i use the liz earle line of products.
everything is all natural. skin care AND makeup!
im off to watch the dvd that came with it.

any and all suggestions welcome!
pictures when i become really brave!
parts xposted to my l.j.
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