Aglaia (lingrnginsilnce) wrote in yeux_langoureux,

Olay! *brandishing red cape*

i just recently picked up Olay's daily regenerating cleanser from the regenerist line, and i'm pretty happy with it. the only complaint i have is the scent, which *all* oil of olay products seem to have, and i can't put my finger on it, except it's reminiscent of mothballs, maybe in the same way the smell of old spice always reminds me of my grandfather, ya know? at any rate, my face always feels really smooth and clean after using it; it's an oxygenating exfoliant that feels like lotion and doesn't really lather, it's more of a "smooth it on and rub it in" sort of thing. just a heads up for those who may be on a search for new facial products :)

hope you're all well! sorry i haven't done the 10-minute challenge; i've essentially been doing brows, mascara, powder and lip gloss/lipstick for a while, since i can't seem to get my damned ass out the door on time EVER. i did get a present yesterday (well, several of them because i'm a spoiled girl, i know this about myself); my butch went to the MAC counter ALL BY HERSELF and picked up a lip brush and tinted lip conditioner in Virtuous Violet. it's a great tint on its own, and i'm eager to try it under some colors that need a little "oomph". yay, butches who aren't afraid to makeup shop for their girls!
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