Aglaia (lingrnginsilnce) wrote in yeux_langoureux,

coupla things

hey everyone :) i wanted to let you know that i was gifted with *two* urban decay eyeshadow transformers today (not sure if that's the actual product name but damned if i'm gonna get my tired ass up to go look) and i'll hopefully get a chance to play with them a little tomorrow and then over our v-day/anniverdary weekend in Napa Valley. next on the agenda - new specs! i got my new glasses and am hella excited about them, and thought i'd ask, since i haven't worn glasses regularly in several years - does wearing them affect how/when you do your makeup? i know that seems silly, but a) my glasses are colored acetate (purple with an aqua stripe and chartreuse inner temples) and b) they're kinda little, like reading glasses, and they cut my eye right around the upper lash line. thoughts?

that's all for now; hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!!

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