6 yr.old wisdom prodigy (hotarunokokoro) wrote in yeux_langoureux,
6 yr.old wisdom prodigy

see what happens on a good day?

O.k.. i had a really good day, so i'm feeling pretty brave!
i stillhave a cautious nature, so here is my picture behind a cut.

no makeup!

be nice, k? i know i am old! this was taken dec. 21st, at my brothers birthday.
i am a martial artist and am so used to being hot and sweaty, makeup has not been a priority. now i have to et a real job, and i have to wear real clothes instead of a karate gi! :\
i no longer live at the dojo and am back in school, going to graduate in the next year!
what's a girl to do?
and helpful economical hints are welcomed!

hearts and arms everyone!
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