basbleugrrl (basbleugrrl) wrote in yeux_langoureux,

Challenge: The Ten Minute Speed Challenge

Here it is, kids, the next challenge!

The Ten Minute Speed Challenge!

How fast can you do your makeup? Pretend you just rolled out of bed after slapping the snooze button three times. You have ten minutes to slap something on your face and get out the door -- can you pull it off?

The Rules:

♥ You have exactly ten minutes to put on the following: powder or foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, mascara. You can use more, but you cannot use less.

♥ Record the length of time it took you to put everything on. That way we'll know who's got the fastest hands in the West community.

♥ Um, that's it.

Obviously you're on the honor system in terms of reporting time. If you can manage to get a picture of a clock, go for it, but its not required (as I don't have one.)

Ready? *starts stopwatch* GO!

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